What is Altpower and how does it work?
AltPower is a power solution platform that offers a reliable and efficient power source and flexible payment options.
What does Altpower offer?
Altpower offers three options namely; Power as a service, Outright purchase and Deferred payment.
What is Power as a service?
Power as a service is the solution that gives individuals and businesses direct access to affordable 24hr power supply with 5 monthly payment (solutions options) options to choose from.
What is deferred payment?
Deferred payment is an alternative finance model where a customer has access to spreading payment for a power solution purchase across months.
In what state is Altpower available?
Altpower is available to all customers Pan- Nigeria (nationwide).
How can I get power as a service?
There is a power as a service section on the website that lists out the different options and a “Get powered” icon and it leads to a form to fill out to get started on power as a service.
How long does it take for maintenance to come fix issues for power as a service?
Issues and complaints are escalated to service@altpower.ng for further communications and resolution to the vendor. Maintenance checks are estimated to be contacted for resolution by the vendor within 48 hours of request.
How do I pay for power as a service?
Payment is done on the last day of every month.
What happens if I default in payment for power as a service due to unforeseen circumstances?
If default happens for the 1st time, a reminder is sent and if this occurs again, then the Power Solution will be recovered or picked up.
Can I choose a shorter duration for payment? Can my payment be spread over 6 months instead of 12?
Yes. The maximum tenor period is 48 months but it’s at the disposal of the customer to choose the suitable tenor period within it.
What type of faults will the maintenance warranty not cover?
Maintenance warranty will ONLY cover manufactural faults or defects.
How long will it take to be delivered to me? 
Delivery time is subject to delivery location. 24-72hours delivery is available within Lagos, other locations take approximately 2-5 working days.  
Can I upgrade my option for power as a service?
No, customers cannot upgrade their option for power as a service as the preferred option will require an increase of power solution products to handle the power load.
Is there a return/refund policy? 
Altpower offers a 7-day return policy window for items that are incomplete, defective, counterfeit and wrong delivery. 
Who do I contact for enquiries or complaints?
Kindly place a complaint via our Customer Care Desk service@altpower.ng that will be verified for eligibility before the return process can begin if need be. 
How can I become a vendor? 
kindly reach us on 01-7000555 or send us a mail to service@altpower.ng to begin the onboarding process 
Can I pay on delivery? 
No, you cannot. The available payment options are deferred payment financed by Sterling Alternative Finance, outright purchase with a debit/credit card and payment by bank, available only to sterling bank customers. 
Will I be charged for relocation of equipment if changing locations for power as a service?
Yes, you will be charged as the delivery fee is subject to the location upon initial purchase.