200AH 12V Inlaks SG Battery

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INLAKS SG SERIES 200AH/12V BATTERYThe Inlaks battery is designed with MaxPress™ grid technology and ThixoPure™ GEL technology, high-performance...

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  • The Inlaks battery is designed with MaxPress™ grid technology and ThixoPure™ GEL technology, high-performance plates and electrolyte
  • The SG series battery offers Sealed and maintenance free operation
  • Enjoy Long Life Design & Low self-discharge delivered by Inlaks Batteries
  • Outstanding Compact structure, shock-proof & high specific energy design
  • Non-Spillable construction - ABS containers and covers
  • Safety valve installation for explosion proof
  • High quality & high reliability
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • Flexibility design for multiple install positions
  • Overall, superior quality and outstanding Performance
 The Inlaks SG Series batteries are true maintenance-free sealed GEL batteries engineered specifically to satisfy the need for frequent deep-cycle from Photovoltaic(PV) and renewable energy storage applications. Thanks to the combination of the  MaxPress™ grid technology and ThixoPure™ GEL technology, SG series batteries provide stability and longevity you need for your everyday renewable energy needs. INLAKS SG SERIES BATTERY RANGE DELIVERS THE HIGH PERFORMANCE YOU DESIREThere are many inverter battery brands in the market now, but only a few stand out in performance.A battery brand that consistently delivers impressive performance in power backup efficiency and durability is what users want. Batteries are pretty expensive now and you want to be sure you get value for all that money!

The only way to gain real value is when the battery delivers extended power backup and long-life performance. 
The Inlaks battery brand is one of the few battery brands that can be truly labeled as reliable and durable. Users over the years attest to that awesome performance because Inlaks lasts longer than most batteries in the market today. Unless you choose to abuse your battery!

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  • Dimensions: x x CM

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