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Imperium Power as a Service guarantees you clean and reliable energy supply to your homes and offices.
With imperium Power as a Service, you don’t have to bother about owning, installing or maintaining a renewable power solution. You simply request for the service and pay an affordable monthly charge.
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I hereby apply for the AltPower PaaS option below. The monthly energy charge is to be repaid from my account on the 30th of every month throughout the tenor of agreement.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of my Power as a Service (PaaS) purchase agreement I authorize Sterling Alternative Finance (Sterling Bankl) to debit my account number (provide below) with funds required to pay for the service and other related obligations under the service. I hereby irrevocably undertake and covenant that I shall always make funds available in my said account for the purpose of servicing my obligation as at when due. The foregoing shall be construed as continuing instruction and shall not be revoked by me until the power service is fully repaid.