Return Policy

Have a problem with the item purchase from The AltPower? Please send an email to or call 01-7000555
AltPower offers a 7-day return window for items that meet the requirements for return. Disputes after delivery could include:

  • 1. Incomplete shipment,
  • 2. Non-functional/defective items,
  • 3. Sub-standard or counterfeit items,
  • 4. Wrong items (different from what the customer ordered),
  • 5. or other issues (please give details in your email)

When a complaint is raised, the order is placed on hold (Arbitration) and payment to the vendor is also suspended.

The AltPower team verifies your complaint and reaches out to the vendor for a speedy resolution.

An outcome could be:
Return of an Item for a ‘Full Refund’
Return of an Item for ‘Repair’
Return of an Item for ‘Replacement/Exchange’